- The answer is, of course, probably not, but I felt like The New Gamer's 2006 Retrospective article may actually be the last one that GSW links - since it's February 2007, and all!

There are a couple of interesting parts, too - like D. Riley picking Okami as his most disappointing moment of 2006: "Okami was an excellent fifteen to twenty hour Zelda-type adventure game. Unfortunately, it was a fifteen hour game that someone decided to stretch it to over twice that length and the results were nigh-on disastrous. After a while the obviously palette swapped enemies and overly long fetch quests were bound to get one anyone's nerves."

Or indeed, G. Turner being most surprised by: "Hands down, Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. What appeared at first to be a generic spin-off turned out to be a nicely conceived, albeit simplistic, action-adventure game. It didn't serve up anything new but, what it did, it did with glee and fun. The ship battles were especially amusing, and the puns actually made me laugh." All very readable, this, so go read it.