- Over at the Merc News, Dean Takahashi has an interview with Manifesto Games' Greg Costikyan which is notable for a couple of reasons - which I will now attempt to highlight.

Firstly, Costikyan not afraid to give props to some (semi)-competitors: "Valve’s Steam has been helpful in exposing many indie games to a broader market. Garage Games has been preaching a similar message for years, and the availability of its Torque engine at low cast has been a great boon to independent developers. Game Tunnel–a review site that specializes in independently developed games–is also great."

Secondly, he's honest enough to admit where Manifesto's bottom line is right now: "We’ve achieved a modest level of sales, and the curve is on an upward path, but we’re very aware that we have a long way to go.... We have revenue; we’re still operating in the red, however." He does note, however: "Yes, I’m out prospecting for capital at the moment." And good luck to him.