- Originally spotted over on swirling cauldron of iniquity NeoGAF, there's a rather fine Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas bike/motorbike stunt video up on YouTube - and blimey, those guys can ride.

All of the stunts are pretty ridiculous, but the one that takes the biscuit starts at about 1.18, and sees a motorbike charging off the entrypoint to a bridge and straight through the air, to make a pinpoint landing on an, uhm, boat in the middle of the harbor. I see other YouTube vids from these folks, too - The Getaway 2, for one, which has an awesome motorbike dismount trick at about 1.20.

Looks like GTAStunting's videos are a great starting point for 50+ crazed GTA stunt videos - go explore at your leisure (my fave - Interlocked at 5.09 for some kind of gymnastic motorbike buildingside dismount!) Still, my favorite comment on the first YouTube vid, though: "I'm a motorcycle (sportbike) rider and I feel totally disconnected from this stuff. The real thing is much better and, perhaps hard to believe but true, much more spectacular and engaging." Just in case you thought the two were related, or anything?