- Over at 1UP, they've posted a new feature called 'All's Fair In Love And Games', themed to Valentine's Day, and attempting to reassure all and sundry that game players can be ready for love too.

The intro explains: "For many gamers, Valentine's Day is the most reviled holiday of the year. Some are resigned to the idea that the perfect gamer-guy or -girl doesn't exist. Others simply assume that love and videogames can't mix. The thought of combining romance with videogames, after all, conjures up some overreported myth, complete with visions of nagging, sullen harpies, or of relationships done in by the horror of MMORPG infidelity... But for many couples, a shared passion for gaming is what brought them together in the first place."

There's also a particularly choice quote from college student Stef, whose "...idea of romantic gaming is admittedly unconventional: "I'm not the sappy type, but my fondest memories of my boyfriend and me together is two winters ago when Resident Evil 4 was released," she remembers. "I used to drive out to his dorm and watch him blow Ganados' heads off and suplex zombies while we were snuggled up."" Aw!