- Some more newly added material to PC Gamer UK's website, a look back at Planet Moon's Giants: Citizen Kabuto, thanks to Jim Rossignol, apparently.

It's all on the interesting side, but here's the happy conclusion: "Giants, along with its contemporary, Sacrifice, mark out a particular time in gaming. They are some of those artefacts of human culture that make you sit up and think about how good it is simply to make weird shit that no one has seen before. Because of this exuberance, the deliberate iconoclasm, and crazily amalgamated concepts, Giants stands out as a kind of living monument to creativity."

[Also just added, and what I was originally going to make this post about before Slashdot got to it ahead of me - 'A Critical Hit', on "How Dungeon & Dragons shaped the modern videogame", an excellent Kieron Gillen feature which talks to a bunch of major developers, from Harvey Smith to Raphael Colantonio, about the influence of D&D on them.]