- Doesn't look like there's been an official announcement about this yet, but the latest March 2007 issue of Game Informer magazine reveals that Agetec is bringing classic PS2 collabo-platformer The Adventures of Cookie & Cream to the Nintendo DS, in a version simply called 'Cookie & Cream'.

GI explains of the DS conversion and update: "On one screen you'll move and platform your way through eight worlds and many stages, while the touch screen is used simultaneously to clear obstacles, solve puzzles, and defeat the bosses that get in your way." And co-op will still be possible via Wi-Fi, with 9 extra mini-games bundled into the whole dealio. (The image in this news story is from the PS2 version, but there are a couple of DS screenshots in the mag.)

[It's also notable and even surprising how many other major announcements got tied to this month's Game Informer street date - the cover is Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, which just got announced, of course, and it looks like the folks at Gamecock also timed their announcement to the Game Informer publishing schedule. One forgets how influential paper-magazines can be sometimes - esp. those with 2 million+ circulations!]