- Over at GSW sister educational site Game Career Guide, there's an interesting little feature called 'Gaymers: Not a Simple Word', which points out: "“Gamer,” like “reader,” can encompass a diversity of people, from casual gamers to import gamers to cyberathletes (“Gamer”)."

It continues: "In fact, new variations of the word continue to pop up in various gaming circles. “Gaymer,” one such variation, is used to describe lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) gamers. While the origin of “gaymer” is hard to pinpoint, it’s clear that the term has garnered some attention. Many embrace it for its sense of community; others decry it as exclusionary."

Why so? "In a recent online discussion, some LGBT people expressed their discomfort with “gaymer.” After all, it does construct a straight-gay binary that leaves no room for in-between space, fluidity, or alternate identities. The potential for exclusion is great. Furthermore, “gaymer” is also used derogatorily. UrbanDictionary.com, a site dedicated to slang, lists five definitions for “gaymer” and three of them reveal that it’s meant as an insult. It’s no surprise then that some people dislike “gaymer.”" It's an intriguing discussion, FWIW.