- Thanks to RoushiMSX's LJ post on the new site, I'm pointed to GameTappers.net, which is a new unofficial messageboard for geeked-out users of Turner's GameTap service.

Now, disclaimer, as you may recall, GameTap is sponsoring the IGF, which I help run, but I'm a bit of a fan of GT completely separately of that, so it's nice to see people getting down and dirty and chatting about hidden gems on the service, from Hoyle Card Games to Jagged Alliance 2 and beyond, blimey.

[Incidentally, the aforementioned RoushiMSX has been getting all excited about Interstate '76 appearing on GameTap, noting: "The game has aged pretty well, and the version on GameTap is the version with D3D and textures on the terrain. Sadly, it's locked at 640x480, but after playing for a few minutes it won't bother you none. The game is still incredibly fun to play a decade after it came out, though there's a few little things you should be aware of going in." And then he lists them!]