- The nice folks at the unofficial internal GameTap design blog Angled Whiteboards have just posted lots of details on the new GameTap client software, which seems to add some interesting usability tweaks to the 'all you can eat' PC download service, which is actually getting quite slick nowadays.

One example: "My Favorites becomes My Playlists - now you have the ability to create your own playlists on the fly. Add games to one or more lists and name them whatever you like. Use the new and improved Heart icon on the Infocard or in My GameTap/Playlists." Also, there's another sekrit game: "You know the drill: hit the Search ring, enter in “Skyranger” and get to playing some X-COM: UFO Defense [ahead of its official GameTap release]."

[In other updates, the Feb. 8th GameTap game updates included the semi-cult PC horror title Nocturne, alongside Silent Hill 3, also: "Paddle Fighter is another one of those mysterious Japanese Sega online games [also released on weird U.S. Mega CD compilations?] (à la Pyramid Magic)." And the Feb. 15th update includes Myst Online going live and Sim City Classic (yay!). The content licensing guys are really putting a lot of effort in, I must say.]