- So, GameSpot News actually has a special news blog, now, though they haven't updated it since last week, but I thought it was interesting to see informal opinions from the generally formal site.

In particular, Brendan Sinclair's comments on Doug Lowenstein's departure are interesting and on the money: "If Take-Two wants to make a fortune off Grand Theft Auto and rattle cages with controversial content, it should be willing to stand up and explain what possible artistic value their games have when overprotective and out-of-touch legislators come knocking. It shouldn't just make a mess and expect the ESA to deal with the entire cleanup." [We just ran industry reaction to Lowenstein on Gamasutra regarding this, btw.]

But, there's caution on whether the game press should shut out Jack Thompson: "The gaming media could ignore the man entirely, and I'm convinced he'd still be plenty happy with the attention he received from the mainstream press, concerned parents, and legislators. Thompson constantly resurfaces in opposition to the industry and is taken seriously (at least for a time) by parent watchdog groups and politicians. That makes him a threat to the industry's interests, and as a result, that makes some of his actions newsworthy."