- Sometimes it feels like our very own Kevin Gifford's 'Mag Weaseling' column is the only web-based effort actually talking about video game print magazines, so it's good to see Kyle Orland reviewing the new redesign of GamePro in his latest GameDaily column.

Count Orland's intro tries to bring an even-handed approach to a sometimes maligned publication: "Even though gamers as a group have gotten older, there's still room for a magazine that caters to younger gamers. Still, for old fans, it's hard not to feel that the magazine has failed to grow with the gaming audience. With the content and design overhaul in this issue, GamePro had a good chance to break out of its youth-oriented niche and find some cross-demographic appeal. Did it succeed? Let's find out."

Our own Mr. Gifford is an ex-GamePro editor, so suggested some redesign ideas and commented on the actual issue himself, and overall, I think Orland's consensus doesn't stray too far from ze Weasel's, as the GameDaily piece concludes: "You can dress it up, but you can't take it anywhere. The new GamePro matches the old in being light on substance and heavy on editorial that reads like ad copy. Some relatively interesting reviews aren't enough to save a magazine that feels like it's still trapped in its '90s heyday."