- Thanks to Frank for pointing out that the often pseudonym-ed Packratshow has a new weblog, 'Game Of The Blog', and it's an uncommonly smart ramble through the kind of areas that GSW likes talking about.

Taking two posts randomly, there's a really fun post about 'Gamers becoming a target audience?', which points out a new housing development which says on the signs advertising it: 'Foodies, Activists, Gamers, Techies - You belong Here.' It's noted: "I could blather on about how inane the whole thing is ([in the overall random list of people] they want chocoholics and attorneys but no doctors?) but the interesting part is that the advertisers actively targeting gamers. It may be a horribly misguided attempt, but it's nice to see the that the gaming community can be thought of as an actual consumer segment."

Elsewhere, there's a nice little overview of Chulip, which notes of the extremely odd, GameStop-exclusive PS2 title: "The plot, script, character design, and art are all very unique but when you strip all of that away, Chulip is brutally unforgiving adventure game. So brutal in fact, that the instruction booklet seems to(I only quickly glanced through it) contain complete solutions to when and how each underground dweller needs to be kissed." There's other fun stuff if you scroll back a few posts, and we'll post more from this site soon, no doubt!