- Delighted to see that GameTunnel has debuted its February Indie Game Review Panel results, with "...10 games, 5 reviewers, 39 reviews. Game Tunnel's game review panel brings you the February edition of the only article of its kind." And indeed, it is - and a great service to the indie community.

And this month: "Taking a hard look at the games most recently missed by the gaming public, four reviewers rate this month's Independent and Downloadable game releases, providing a meta-review within an article of the best games from the indie scene. February was highlighted by Dodge That Anvil!, Zombie Smashers X3: Ninjastarmageddon!, and Mr. Robot (which strangely enough doesn't have an exclamation point in the title)."

The previously GSW-mentioned Mr. Robot gets Game Of The Month, and it really _does_ sound smart, with Mike Hommel commenting: "There are really two games here. One is Final Fantasy set inside a computer, and the other is a sort of isometric action Sokoban, with jumping. They way they integrate is good, and the game is a huge adventure that really keeps you moving forward and in sight of new goals all the time."