- Aha, we got some mail! It's from Todd Umbarger! Let's read it: "In an effort to associate myself with every reputable gaming blog possible, a recent GameSetWatch article inspired me to chronicle my foray into fanzines over fifteen years ago. GSW's "Game Mag Weaseling" column from January 27th makes mention of Rocket editor Casey Loe, one of "the usual gang of Play and GameFan standbys"."

Umbarger continues, linking to his new weblog post with multiple cover scans: "Not being a reader of either magazine, I never knew my Prodigy pal and fellow amateur publisher Casey had become a successful journalist. We and many other hard-working kids collaborated on Next Generation [yes, unrelated to the obvious one!], one of the classic fanzines of the pre-Internets era. Having written strategy guides for Final Fantasy VII, Devil May Cry and the Zelda and Resident Evil series, Casey transformed a pubescent hobby into a dream career." Umbarger's fanzine covers are kinda fun, if you like Mortal Kombat fan art and suchlike - it's almost outsider art!

As for what Umbarger is up to now, when it's not drawing really spooky fake K-Fed album covers, he appears to be doing odd illustrations such as this version of Ouendan, or even some prize-winning Katamari fan art - his blog also has lots more of his non-game-related cartoons in it.