- The ever-erudite UK Guardian Gamesblog has pointed out that there's a new video game-related book from the British Film Institute, called simply '100 Videogames'.

Guardian blogger Keith Stuart notes that the book is written by Iain Simons (who organises the Nottingham GameCity festival) and James Newman, and "...does pretty much what the title suggests it will - looks at 100 videogames and explains what makes each one important. In the foreward the authors point out that this is not a book about the 100 best videogames - instead they've gone for interesting and innovative titles from the last 30-odd years."

He continues: "It's a very decent selection, taking in the obvious (Asteroids, Doom, Final Fantasy VII) and the not-so-obvious - stuff like browser-based titles Hapland and SissyFight. Each game gets a short essay examining its strengths and contributions to the medium. I've spotted a few factual errors (Cannon Fodder is twice listed as a 1983 title - just a decade out there, lads), but that's part of the fun with these books." Sounds neat! They'd better have Jet Set Willy and/or Manic Miner in there, incidentally, or there will be trouble.