- Over at the Arthouse Games blog (which I just realized is written by Cultivation creator Jason Rohrer), there's an extremely in-depth article reviewing Jon Blow's IGF winning title Braid, and (though there are spoilers, beware!) it goes some way toward explaining why the game is so interesting.

As Rohrer notes: "Braid won the award for Innovation in Game Design at the 2006 IGF, but no demo was posted. Braid was discussed at the 2006 Experimental Gameplay Workshop, but no demo was posted. Braid was entered into the 2007 IGF and Slamdance festivals, and still no demo was posted." But fortunately, Rohrer has got hold of a demo, and exposes a lot - some might say too much.

I'm a little concerned that Braid will get overhyped - as can be seen by the all-out grudge match going on on the Indygamer post about this review, but Rohrer's opinion:

"Braid has the potential to change the way you think about reality. It will certainly change the way you think about video games. In this preview, I will explain why it has this power, using detailed examples from the game. However, part of the game's interest lies in its surprise factor: there is great joy to be had in discovering just how clever this game is for yourself. In fact, I am glad that I never read a preview of this game before I was lucky enough to play it myself." So... don't click through! Or just read a bit of it, that's what I did.