- Actually, I first saw this on the 'Pho list' for music folks, but it's awfully game-ish - a new BBC News article on the latest PSP homebrew cracking efforts, and absolutely adorable because of the careful explanation and hacker unveiling tactics.

It's explained of the key PSP hackers: "Fanjita - real name David Court - is very different from the popular hacker stereotype of the socially inept teenaged geek working all night in his bedroom. A married man of 34, he is an accomplished professional programmer who writes server software for large telecommunications companies for a living. He spends an hour or two a night hacking PSP software in his Edinburgh home, and is also a martial arts enthusiast." So there!

But wait: "Dark Alex fits much more comfortably into the hacker mould. A student from Spain, his hacker moniker derives from his real name, Alejandro, and a liking for all things gothic, he says. His interests are Japanese Manga comics and cats, but PSP hacking is his main hobby." Japanese Manga comics and cats, huh? I'm guessing he must be a big 2ch fan, then.