- Got a note from Manifesto Games about a pretty odd/intriguing new PC indie title: "Arctic Stud Poker Run is not your father's poker game. In fact, it's more like the biathlon of the game world, except instead of skiing and shooting, you chase people and things on high-speed vehicles, fire automatic weapons, and play poker. OK, so maybe it's more like combining Super Mario Kart with snowmobiles and poker. Whatever. It's fun. It's fast. It's poker, only different in the middle."

It's also noted: "The game's designers, Brian Colin and Jeff Nauman, are legendary old-school arcade game creators with credits that include Star Trek Voyager and Pigskin 621 AD. Arctic Stud is their first indie game. Brian explains their move to independent game development by saying: "For us, it's always been all about the game. We've had great clients who have given us amazing artistic freedom, but it's still not the same as following your own ideas to their eventual conclusion.""

Cute - there's a fun behind-the-scenes segment from cheesy local Chicago news (hah!) on developer Game Refuge's website - and of course, these guys designed Rampage, which is much more famous. And they're Midway Chicago veterans, and this feels oddly like Arctic Thunder with added poker action, which is pretty funny. I'm guessing that at one point they were thinking of making an arcade machine out of it?