- Jason Scott, who is himself making a documentary about oldskool arcades, has made a handy post compiling info about arcade documentaries, explaining: "I figure I'll occasionally pepper this weblog with thoughts on arcades, events or likewise, related to either my documentary or the idea in general. I expect, actually, to do this a lot. But right now, I wanted to mention the other arcade documentaries you can see shortly, instead of waiting the years for my own."

He particularl notes: "There are five that I am currently aware of. Three have broken loose from the madhouse and are running around the world's yard, while two others are locked in the basement, screaming about the bugs. (I'm not counting my own in this tally.)" Then he lists them, including the GSW-blogged-about King Of King - apparently we are 'loving'!

His last comment is particularly notable, though: "And I guess the last film, Bang the Machine, is technically finished and out... but good luck finding out where to see it! I'll leave that one as an exercise to the reader. I repeat what I said just this past Monday about films with no firm plans on how to make money from them: RELEASE IT OR GIVE IT AWAY." This is true - I've been waiting for Bang the Machine to be released in some communicable form for an age.