-Big hat tip to TIGSource for this one, but they spotted that the LJ Cave Story journal has revealed: "On the official Radiohead blog, guitarist Jonny Greenwood shows a screenshot of Doukutsu and provides download links, calling the game a 'work of art'."

The LJ chatter replying to this bombshell is fun: "I wonder if Pixel knows who Radiohead are?"... " Unfortunately, he says he hasn't on his BBS, although other readers were amazed at the news." Also, if you're a complete Pixel (Cave Story creator) geek, looks like some folks translated a manga that he put up on his site.

As an aside, I must say that dojin creators always seem pretty uninterested in getting their games released on other platforms, which is a big shame - though Variant Interactive are still allegedly making a PSP version of Cave Story - but Variant's site is just ridiculously overblown for what is basically a tiny firm, and our previous skepticism over them is not abated, considering they haven't updated their .plan files on the site for a whole year.