- Over at 1UP, they recently posted a nicely done feature on gamers with disabilities, with plenty of good stories about how gamers make do, often in entertaining and heartwarming ways (aw).

For example, Jonathan Sondergold, who is significantly hearing impaired "...has worn hearing aids for most of his life, which have allowed him to tune into the soundtracks and sound effects in certain games, particularly those of low pitch. To accent his Final Fantasy X experience, his brothers hooked up his PlayStation 2 to a subwoofer and surround-sound speakers. "The Thundaga spell was my favorite after that," he says. "It scared the s*** out of the dog.""

But the dog may once again have more calming sounds! "In 2006, Sondergold received a cochlear implant, which stimulates the auditory nerve and sends signals to the brain to identify sounds (as opposed to a regular hearing aid, which simply amplifies sounds). He's getting his fill of the everyday sounds of life he's missed out on, including in-game voices. "I can hear everything now. It's a little dizzying."" This is the kind of game-related feature that all major game sites should be smart enough to run.

[And while we're talking about 1UP, we might as well point out that the new Retro Roundup is up, and it includes a crushing indictment of Mario Kart 64 and a piteous plea for someone to re-release Cannon Dancer on a retro service. We can identify with both, and thus have linked it.]