- The most excellent Adventure Games website has pointed out an important announcement: "After an initial round of open nominations, the nominees for the 2006 AGS Awards were announced today. The AGS Awards honor the best (and worst) games created with the popular Adventure Game Studio engine in a given year."

The story continues: "This year is an interesting one for the awards, because for the first time multiple high-profile commercial games, including Al Emmo and The Lost Dutchman's Mine, The Shivah, The Blackwell Legacy and Super Jazz Man, are competing against the Underground games that have made up the nominees in years past."

It's notable that there _have_ been more AGS games in the news this year - good news for all! The story continues: "Although several of the commercial entries did well, the bigger winner today was Reactor 09 by Bernhard 'Bernie' Politsch, which (appropriately enough) took nine nominations."