- Aha, I was just checking out recent comments, and a recent entry on 'pinball for the home' company Zizzle reveals a new comment from 'Goblet Man' on a good deal for the pinball.

He comments: "I bought a Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine from Best Buy in their post-Xmas sale(s). For less than $200 it is fun. I [could] spend a lot more money but this provides some real pinball action and I have money left for the beer." Indeed, BestBuy.com has the machine for $199.99 with free shipping, which ain't too bad considering it used to retail for at least $350.

I've seen some indications online that Costco has offered it for $200, too - the pin "is designed by Star Wars Episode 1 and Theater Of Magic pin designer John Popadiuk", and doesn't have the sophistication of a full table, but is pretty neat otherwise. Mind you, check the Amazon reviews for a good idea of the two schools of thought - some dig it, and some really hate it.