- This has been floating around my 'to be posted' list for a while, but I haven't seen anyone else put it up, so - 'Western game developer in Japan' blog Japanmanship has a neat post called 'Will Wii Win?', all about Nintendo's new console and the Japanese market.

Some of his key insights? "In Japan companies know customers expect free goodies for loyalty... This goes a long way and Nintendo play that game very well. Club Nintendo in Japan is actually worthwhile; the presents you can get on points are usually pretty cool. Gold and Platinum members, which depends on how many points you accrue, get given extra freebies, probably at quite a cost to Nintendo." This is a good point.

The conclusion? "In the end it is injudicious to speak of winners or that hateful term “console war”... I certainly hope the PS3 can keep its fair share of the market and the Wii will keep selling, as well as Microsoft finally cracking that Japanese market that has eluded it so far despite some heroic efforts. As a consumer though, my choice is clear: the Wii is providing me more value for money and fun than either of its competitors could hope to manage."