- We've previously posted about Jake 'Virt' Kaufman, a game soundtrack composer and longtime .MOD scene geek whose work "spans all kinds of randomness, from the excellent Shantae for GBC through Legend Of Kay for PS2 and The OC and Lumines for mobile."

Anyhow, a perusal of his blog reveals that he has released his 'FX3' album for free, and it's downloadable at 8BitPeoples.com, which explains: "A young boy trapped between warring nations stumbles through a time rift, and upon a terrible conspiracy spanning generations! He finds safety in the warm embrace of a tall, handsome vampire who helps him return home and shows him how to love again. But is there anything left of his world? virt answers this question, returning to his absurdly detailed progressive NES sound for a long-awaited 8bitpeoples debut."

Anyhow, if you like freewheeling, absurdly virtuoso NES-style rawk-outs - and who doesn't - then I would highly recommend grabbing FX3. (And - just so people don't accuse me of nepotism - yep, I released FX1 and FX2 on my own Monotonik net.label, also for free and Creative Commons-licensed. But fortunately, whichever way you slice it, Jake's output is just plain great, so I don't have to feel too bashful about the 8BitPeoples folks putting this one out (with my blessing) on 8BP. Yay.)