- Over at Gnome's Lair, they've posted an interview with offbeat adventure game creator 'Vince Twelve', whose splitscreen and wonderfully named 'What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed' we have previously covered on GSW.

Turns out Mr. Twelve, who is based in Japan, has done some very neat other experimental adventure game we didn't notice, including Anna ("You are Hero, a clear-room technician charged with the maintenance of all the station’s systems including Anna, the intelligent computer system that runs the station.The day starts as routinely as any other, but ends with Homeworld’s very survival in jeopardy"). The front page of his site is a neat blog, too.

He also helped out on Spooks ("...as close to the Land of the Dead that you can get with a pulse. In this immersive Sierra-style adventure, you play as Mortia, an adorably cynical little ghoul girl."), and [EDIT!], pops up in comments to note: "Spooks was written and designed by Erin Robinson. I just took on programming and distributing duties. And it falls more into the nostalgic category than the experimental category, but it's still an awesome game!"

I also love his comments about innovation in games: "I do think that innovation is important, but I don’t think it’s necessary in every game. A lot of people are making games with more consideration for nostalgia than innovation, and that’s perfectly fine. Afterall, refining and perfecting old ideas can be just as important as coming up with new ones. If you’re making a game, especially a freeware game, you only have to answer to yourself, so you can make the kind of game that you want to make."

He continues: "That being said, freeware game makers are in a unique position to innovate. Since they don’t have significant money invested in the game, it isn’t such a big deal if their clever, innovative idea doesn’t work so well in a game as it did in their head. Compared to a big developer with millions of dollars invested in a title’s success, or even a small developer who scraped together every last penny they could find to fund their game, this is a big opportunity to take some risks and try something new." Which he does. Thanks, Vince!