-Michael 'Zonk' Zenke handily points me to a series of great Ultima Online retrospectives over at Nerfbat.com, written by Ryan Shwayder, formerly of SOE, and now of Green Monster Games (yes, the Curt Schilling-founded MMO firm).

The set of posts were actually inspired by Dan Rubenfeld's recently GSW-featured Ultima Online reminiscence - and Shwayder's first post talks about running wild in the seminal MMO: "Sometimes we’d tame a dragon, take him to the inside of one of our keeps, leave it there until it became untamed, and gate unsuspecting people into its deathly lair."

There's also a second part, which coos: "Occasionally, we’d find a relatively unoccupied enemy tower, and we would create a staircase out of crafted items (chairs, tables, or something, I don’t quite remember) to the top of the tower, then assault it from within or simply steal everything and go. Or I’d tame a dragon and have it fetch the items I could see on the inside of a house."

Or even a third one: "Anyone recall the black dye bin craze? The REAL black dye. Jet black, that made you blend into cave walls. Those things were worth a pretty penny after a while." Is it just me, or is some of this stuff more evocative than some World Of Warcraft story recounting, esp. because of the crazy house customization stuff and cheeky exploiting?