- Over at SiliconEra, they've got an interview about D3's localization and U.S. version of Earth Defense Force X for Xbox 360, now called Earth Defense Force 2017 - and yes, we're guessing the fanboy pressure to release this game did help!

Unfortunately, the producer doesn't really say anything that interesting, though the most interesting query is as follows: "Q: I heard that you're considering to keep the Japanese voice acting in Earth Defense Force 2017. Why?" And then: "A: We had considered it for a time. Since we know this game has a cult following here in the US, we wanted to keep that level of authenticity."

But, unfortunately: "However, after some discussions, we decided that the voice-over was too important to leave the player in the dark like that. Your squad members are constantly shouting out advice and pointing out incoming enemies. We felt that it might make the game too tough if you weren’t given those clues, so we’ve now reverted to recording all of the VO in English. It really adds a lot to the game." How about having both, guys? [Via Jiji.]