- In our continuing quest to link everything The New Gamer posts, ever, we present their latest idea, 'The Wii Bowling Project', a definitely endearing concept which promises "to see how our Wii Sports bowling performance rated against our league bowling performance."

Blogger G.Turner, whose significant other unitdaisy also belongs to their 'Thar She Bowls!' Chicago-area bowling team, comments: "With the league on my mind all this month, I couldn't help but think of my real-life bowling average while playing Wii Sports. I was quite surprised to see just how closely my Wii Sports bowling stance, curve and scores mirror my actual lane action."

But how? "What unitdaisy and I decided to do was to bowl two sets of games a week: the two games our normal league bowls on Sunday, and on Wednesdays we'll bowl two Wii Sports bowling games... At the end of the league's season on April 15th (as league seasons go, it's rather short, running a brief 14 weeks) we'll pick apart the scores and see just how well our Wii bowling improved (or declined) compared to our league bowling. Who knows, maybe we'll see some other interesting results too!" GSW promises to update daily with the latest stats.