- Delighted to see Raina Lee, over at VH1 Game Break, using her 'You Only Live Twice' column to discuss the recent Sci-Fi miniseries 'The Lost Room', which she describes as "the most game-y non-game thing I've seen recently" - and which I personally was a major fan of.

She comments in general of games seeping into culture: "From movies with do-overs, the multiple lives, and puzzle-solving, to music with game samples, to high art that looks like 8-bit screen shots, it seems like everything non-game is starting to feel like games. It's probably no coincidence then that the vid kids who grew up gaming are now writers, producers and filmmakers, making cultural products that reflect their adventure platform logic -- creating plot points around finding items and power ups."

Lee concludes of the Peter Krause-starring 6-hour miniseries: "Secret Rooms? Healing and regeneration? The fate of the world? Mega TV hit "Lost" has some of these game elements also, though "The Lost Room" is more literal in its gamey-ness. Needless to say, "The Lost Room" is recommended for anyone who understands what it's like to run around different worlds, searching every cranny for that darned one key." Amen.