- I think word of GSW appreciating some of the freeware and indie adventure games made using AGS is getting out, because we got a new email from the devs at Herculean Effort: "I was wondering if you would be interested in checking out our new game, Super Jazz Man, which was released not long ago."

There's actually a YouTube trailer for the game, too, which "...puts you in the unitard and cape of a musical superhero who waits tables at the Zanzibar restaurant under the cover of night.. After playing a weekend concert that revolutionizes the local airwaves, our saxophonist receives a phone call at work." There's an interesting ethnicity-related comment in the YouTube comments for the game, but I'm presuming that the trailer just presents the game unfortunately in that regard.

In any case, there's a playable demo of the game available for PC - the full version is $8.95 for download from the Herculean Effort website. In addition, the Super Jazz Man folks comment: "You may already be familiar with our freeware point-and-click games Apprentice and Apprentice 2." Indeed - both of these are high quality, free AGS games.