- Time to switch gears back to geek collectors (the life blood of GSW, of course), and Jiji kindly pointed out the Super Nintendo obscure game review site RVGFanatic.com, newly unleashed upon the Internet.

The site is filled with really nice quality reviews of obscure SNES games, such as 'King Of Demons'/Mayjuuou, which "could be described as "Castlevania with a gun" or "Resident Evil meets Castlevania"", and I've certainly never heard of. Alternatively, one of my personal favorite SNES titles, The Firemen, is also represented: "a 1-player top-down action game where you navigate a top high-rise fire fighter through the burning Metrotech building."

There's also in-depth (possibly excessively in-depth!) collection stories, such as a 9-month saga to get some Super Play magazines: "January 17, 2006 is the official comeback date for yours truly. And so I began actively pursuing a complete Super Play set from that day forth. The following journey I took is simply unbelievable. I always had confidence I would one day own Super Play, but I had no idea it'd be anything like this...." It's practically a Viking Saga!