- Co-worker Frank from Lost Levels was kind enough to point out a very interesting pair of eBay auctions, for the MACS Multipurpose Combat Simulator cartridge for Super Nintendo.

It's explained: " The front of the cart has a sticker that says "MACS Multipurpose Arcade Combat Simulator version 1.1e copyright 1993 Sculptured Software, Inc. .. These were [produced for the Super Nintendo] for use in training the United States Military Shooting Specialist and to improve their accuracy rate. You can find out more about this by a Gamer's Graveyard link."

And yes, one major part of the kit is missing: "This auction is for this cartridge only. To operate the cartridge you would need the gun which is a modified M16 machine gun made by Nintendo and issued to the military for use with this cartridge. I only have 1 gun and I am not ready to sell it just yet, so this auction is for this cartridge only." Pretty wacky stuff.