- This one's a little wacky, and I can't quite recall how I found it, but I'm going to run with it - the very very odd Ulillillia.us has a page devoted to the multiple games the author is working on, including "my 2D high-speed action game, The Supernatural Olympics, and my 3D high-speed platform game, George Game 13."

As for 'The Supernatural Olympics', it's explained of the 2D construction-kit made game: "Ever wonder what it's like to go the speed of sound or cruise the stratosphere? The Supernatural Olympics is a high-speed action game that allows you to do both!" And there's probably almost 10,000 words just in _this_ part of the extremely 'focused' site, such as the super-detailed FAQ, which even discusses ESRB rating. (Try the 'About Me' page to get a further idea of the author's detail-oriented attitude. It's fascinating.)

Regarding future concepts, well, let's just say he has plenty of ideas: "I have three additional worlds thought of at the moment. Adding new worlds allows for more challenges. Worlds, however, take an extremely long time to make, close to even two whole months, likely more from having to redo things due to improved techniques. The first world I plan on implementing next is one with water. Thing is, when using the flash attack in water, the effect is seriously amplified. Rather than 100 mph in a given direction, it's the 4th root of the density difference compared to air (thus around 550 mph in any direction). I have such a world planned and well-envisioned. Another world is the endless mudlake dream, one that would take just a two to three weeks to do due to its simplicity. A third world is one of the arctic with snow and ice, even ice water. With 100 times the motive than neutral, there's a very high certainty I'll implement such a feature."