- Another good site that lacks an RSS feed is RPGFan, and thus I just spotted (a little late, perhaps!) that the Japanese RPG-centric site has its 2006 Game Of The Year Awards online, with some interesting perspectives.

The best overall RPG of the year, according to the folks there? Square Enix's Final Fantasy XII, of course, for which it's explained: "How dazzlingly unexpected! While most of you out there were expecting either this game or Twilight Princess to snag this award, the long development cycle and change of pace for Final Fantasy XII left many gamers waiting in trepidation. Luckily, the new team delivers completely."

There's also a slightly hidden page of editor picks, for which the most relatively unexpected pick is Lost Magic for the DS: "I know what you're thinking: "how did some short, dinky DS game end up on a top five list?" Let me spell it out for you. This RTS/RPG hybrid made better use of the DS's capabilities than any other RPG on the handheld to date."