- Here's a neat story from 2K Games: "Gaining inspiration from Sid Meier's Railroads!, Tom Symonds, an artist at Firaxis, and 4 friends created a train shaped "aircraft" and entered it in Red Bull's annual Flugtag Event which took place in Baltimore on October 21, 2006."

What's more, over at the Railroads! siste, there's a really neat 7-minute movie that "...shows you the story of how their train shaped "aircraft" was created and how they ultimately won the People's Choice award." Here's an explanation of Flugtag, for the confused.

In addition, there's a page on the Flugtag site explaining more of the 'ambience': "On the flight deck, the trio will be joined by pals Phil Sullivan and Sean Hart for some inspired dancing to a railroad-themed mix including “Night Train” and “Come on Ride a Train.” All will be dressed in “sexy overalls” (oxymoron?) and engineer hats." Choo choo?