- Matthew Wegner at physics blog Fun-Motion has unleashed a handy review of another PC indie physics game gem, Pluto Strikes Back [.ZIP], "a great [freeware] solo project by Petri Purho, who has been rapidly prototyping games in the spirit of the Experimental Gameplay Project."

It's explained: "This title was created in seven days, and the concept is awesome: Pluto, angry at being reclassified as a “dwarf planet”, takes a bat to the rest of the Solar System to act out his jealous revenge." Hah, awesome concept. Matt adds: "I’m impressed with the elegant minimalism of Pluto Strikes Back’s design" - and creator Purho has an excellent blog discussing rapid prototyping, too.

Finally, Wegner elaborates: "Pluto Strikes Back utilizes a simple planetary gravity physics model. As the asteroids get closer to the planets, gravity’s influence exponentially increases... It may seem, at first glance, that designing a simple game would be easier than producing a feature-laden one. In my experience, though, the opposite is true: It’s really hard to create a tight, simple design." Indeed!