- I keep stumbling into interesting niche fansite 2006 best-ofs way after 2007 has started, but there's no reason not to mention them here - in this case, the LucasArts super-duper-hardcore at International House Of Mojo's 2006 Year In Review round-up, which is tres entertaining.

Really, it's notable if you have any idea who Bad Brain Entertainment are, and work out who can be bothered to do a cartoon featuring their CEO as The Office's David Brent - here's a hint to why adventure fans may be so motivated, by the way.

There's also a slightly hilarious second page in which the writer insists that Double Fine should start making episodic games, but Telltale should stop making episodic games (no, really!), before it ends up in an honest to goodness 'best of' list, and Sam & Max 2 gets best game of the year from the assorted adventure game zombies. Anyhow, there's something curiously evangelical about the LucasArts sect, and I think I've been brainwashed. Threeeepwooooood! Threeeeepwoooood!