- Over at excellent foreign/alt.film weblog Twitch, they've posted info and links to a v.brief QuickTime version of the teaser for Ryû ga gotoku: gekijô-ban - film director Takashi Miike's movie based on Sega's PS2 game Yakuza.

There's an interesting note directly after that: "Ryû ga gotoku: gekijô-ban shouldn't be confused with Takeshi Miyasaka's Ryû ga gotoku - jissha-ban, which Miike is credited as having been the integration director (sôgô kantoku) for.)" Those promo movies for Yakuza itself have been credited directly to Miike in a few places I've seen, which must have been not quite right - and no, i have no idea what 'integration director' means either.

Anyhow: "Toei Company Ltd. (Tôei K.K.) is scheduled to release Ryû ga gotoku: gekijô-ban theatrically in Japan on March 3rd of next year." (Miike is latterly most famous for his banned-from-Showtime 'Imprint' episode for Masters Of Horror.) And incidentally, Yakuza 2 is already out in Japan, though I'm not sure it's been selling too well, since I haven't seen it in any recent charts?

[UPDATE: Commenter 'spot778' handily divulges: "Yakuza 2 is up to 444,500 units as of Dec 30. Not too shabby as Yakuza 1 is clocking in around at 516,250 as of the same date." That's much better than I expected, and probably helps explain the film and general interest in the franchise. Go Sega!]