- Returning to the Manic Miner & Jet Set Willy-themed Yahoo! Group to see if anyone cared about my recently GSW-published article on the subject (yes, yes, vanity!), I came across something pretty amazing - 'Manic Miner, The Opera'.

Composer Colin Broom explains: "A while back (just over a year ago)I was commissioned to compose some music for 'The Franz Kafka Big Band', a radio comedy show on BBC Radio Scotland. The comedy is pretty offbeat and knowing the writer as well as I do, I'm never too surprised at the ideas he wants to do."

"Anyway, one of these was a sketch about trying to make classical music appeal to a younger audience, and involved the supposed premiere of 'Manic Miner: the Opera', an opera about Miner Willy and his journey through the mines, which I had to compose sections of. There were three sections composed: I - Central Cavern; II - Eugene's Lair; III - Warehouse." [.MP3 links!]

Needless to say, this is an awesome idea - and it's carried out really well, too! Of course, only on unlikely places like BBC Scotland would an almost 25-year-old video game be considered likely "to make classical music appeal to a younger audience", but it's certainly right up my personal comedy alley, so all's right with the world.