- Over at Luke Smith's 1UP blog, he's got a new post called 'Standards, Ethics and Manners Among Newsblogs', which addresses the ever-fragrant issue of crediting 'scoops' and other news-related info.

This is in reference to 1UP's 'Rare founders leaving' scoop, which was a genuine exclusive - Smith notes, after referencing those who _did_ credit 1UP: "In their coverage of the Rare exodus, IGN does neither. Writer Daemon Hatfield neglects the existence of the 1UP piece in his story, instead pointing out the sales figures for Viva Pinata twice and offering no comment from Microsoft, despite the IGN's story appearance almost a full 24 hours after the initial report was filed."

His conclusion? "Attribution is a professional courtesy, it's the equivalent of a polite nod even though someone "beat you to the punch." Here at 1UP News, our editorial policy will continue to strive to give credit where credit is due. An inability to do that turns us into just another dinosaur trying to climb out of the Internet's tar pit." I won't add anything to his post, other than the fact that crediting for exclusives is only fair.