- So we just realized - there are not one, but two classic arcade documentaries at Sundance and associated festivals! We already reported on Chasing Ghosts, but a Variety article reveals another documentary, 'The King Of Kong', has been picked up from Slamdance by top firms Picturehouse and New Line.

Apparently: "In a mid to high six-figure package deal, Picturehouse won rights to distribute the documentary in theaters this summer, while sister company New Line gets remake rights and control of docu distribution rights outside North America." Blimey - this should be a high profile deal for classic gaming fans, then.

It's explained: ""The King of Kong" chronicles a rivalry between two gamers, Steve Wiebe and Billy Mitchell, as they battle for the title of world champ of the arcade game... Picturehouse president Bob Berney, New Line Prods. prexy Toby Emmerich and chief operating officer Richard Brener found irresistible appeal in Wiebe's struggle to stop a personal losing streak, and the ruthless tactics of record holder Mitchell, who routinely compares himself to Helen of Troy and the Red Baron."