- It was originally posted at MajorNelson.com, but ILoveXBLA has done an handy XBLA-specific extracted version - the top Xbox 360 Live Arcade downloads for 2006 have been revealed, alongside and info on the top simultaneously played XBLA games when it comes to online-enabled gameplay.

Actually, it's somewhat of an interesting Top 5 - being Uno, Street Fighter II, Geometry Wars Evolved, Marble Blast Ultra and Pac-Man in that order. I'm a little surprised at the high ranking of Street Fighter II, given the amount of press about its problematic multiplayer lag issues before it debuted, but the final product seems reasonably strong - though whenever I played online I get thrashed, but I guess that's my own issue rather than technical problems, haw.

What's slightly disappointing, perhaps, is the relative lack of original IP games in the Top 10 - though this may partly be because some of the games have only had a couple of months to accumulate sales. Nice to see titles like Cloning Clyde, Small Arms, and Lumines Live sneaking into the Top 20, nonetheless. What would be interesting would be to see the Top 20 titles by revenue, of course - since a lot of those XBLA arcade titles (pictured: Smash TV) are $5, and more of the original indie titles are $10 or more. But it's nice of Microsoft to share this much, since they don't have to (and God knows Nintendo and Sony probably won't.)