- Some of you may recall that, although I'm not involved in organizing the bulk of Game Developers Conference this year, I am programming the 2007 Independent Games Summit, a new indie-specific subconference taking place on the Monday and Tuesday of GDC week (March 5th and 6th), before the Independent Games Festival Pavilion opens from the 7th to the 9th.

Anyhow, just wanted to note that I was previously worried that the Indie Games Summit (here's a good GSW rundown of the speakers, headed by Jeff Minter) would sell out, and we would have to stop registrations. But we managed to switch it to a room that's double the size, which'll stop us having to turn away all-comers, unless you guys manage to flood the double-sized space too. (I'm not hyping 'WILL SELL OUT SOON' here, incidentally - this was genuinely an issue!)

There have been a couple more additions to the speaker list, too. We've added Sony's E-Distribution supremo John Hight to the 'Console/PC Distribution Gatekeepers' panel, alongside Ross Erickson, Microsoft; Jason Holtman, Valve; and Sandy Resnick, GameTap. We'll be chatting to these guys "...who evaluate submissions for some of the major indie game distribution channels on both console and PC, talking about how to pitch your game to get on these services, exactly what the gatekeepers are looking for, approaches to royalties, and much more." Should be a neat way to compare and contrast how indies are getting onto these bigger portals.

In addition, we've rounded out the final panel, 'Building The Future of Indie Games', with two new neat indie (or indie-influenced!) types. There would be Bit Blot's Derek Yu, co-creator of multi-nominated 2007 IGF title Aquaria (and TIGSource writer to boot!), as well as Sony's David Jaffe, best known for God Of War, but currently working on a small, 'indie-style' title Calling All Cars for PS3 E-Distribution. While he works at the resolutely non-indie Sony, it should be pretty interesting to hear his perspective on why small teams can make for focused, fun games. (Also on the panel: Greg Costikyan of Manifesto Games and Mark Morris from Darwinia/Defcon creators Introversion!)