- So, we've been pressing on with plans for the 2007 Independent Games Summit, and we just finished up the list of sessions for the 2-day conference taking place immediately before the Independent Games Festival this March, yay.

There's a couple of panelists left to fill in, but we just confirmed the final unfilled lecture for the 2007 IGS today: 'Indie Prototyping, Braid, & Making Innovative Games', from Number None's Jonathan Blow. As we explain: "Former Game Developer magazine code columnist and 2006 IGF Design Innovation winner Jonathan Blow, the creator of innovative time-manipulating platform title Braid, discusses the deliberate methodology behind his indie game prototyping. He shows how he conceives, develops, and tests out indie concepts in playable form, and discusses how you know when a prototype is working, and where to take it from there, demonstrating multiple in-development prototypes (including Braid) along the way."

Some other recent tweaks - we just added Ryan Clark from Professor Fizzwizzle/FizzBall creator Grubby Games to the 'Indie Development Logistics' panel, alongside folks from Klei Entertainment, Gastronaut Studios, and NinjaBee - should be an interesting panel! Also, Introversion co-founder Mark Morris is making an appearance, alongside Manifesto's Greg Costikyan and a couple of other neat/sekrit to-be-announced people, in the final 'Building The Future of Indie Games' panel. Hope some of you can make it!