- Those crafty types at 'all you can eat' subscription PC gaming site GameTap (or more particularly, XAmount, who co-runs unofficial in-house GameTap user design blog Angled Whiteboards), have revealed that there's a special Easter Egg in the latest GameTap update, if you look real hard.

It's explained: "You know how you guys have been all eagle-eyed with the email announcements and the Coming Soon ring? Not letting any game slip through the cracks? Well it’s certainly helped us step our game up. So this is pretty sweet: we’ve got an Angled Whiteboards EXCLUSIVE easter egg for you, our devoted readers (and your friends, and hopefully your friends’ friends…)."

How so? "Hidden in today’s new GameTap catalog is [awesome Activision '70s-set car combat game!] Interstate 76. Only you won’t find it in the New Games ring. In fact, you won’t find it anywhere under the name Interstate 76. Head to the search ring, search on “Groove Champion” (star of the game), and BOOM. There’s your game. That racing/hot-rod week is still on the books (now slated for late Feb.), and we’ll be officially releasing all the originally promised games then. But you can play Interstate 76 all you want in the meantime." This is a bit like Pimps At Sea, or something? Woo!