- Just a quick update, since Jason over at Ziff Davis has sent over "a very short-run free subscription offer for Games for Windows: The Official Magazine -- it only runs until January 8th." Which I pass on to you, the GSW reader!

He explains: "Games for Windows: The Official Magazine is the new name for the former Computer Gaming World. It's created by the same completely independent editorial staff, led by Jeff Green, with the same great features, plus some new bonus stuff now that we're the official magazine of PC gaming."

Our paper-mag crazy Kevin Gifford recently reviewed the January 2007 issue, commenting that it was: "A pretty run-of-the-mill issue, one that's remarkably close in content to PC Gamer's February issue with all the same previews and hardware coverage. The main highlights are in Extend, with Tom playing Bruce in DEFCON and Jeff Green returning to his roots with a reinstall of EverQuest 1." But he palpably liked it, and all of us would like it more for free, so go get it!

[UPDATE: Jason @ Ziff writes: "A clarification on this Games for Windows: The Official Magazine free offer -- as soon as you hit "submit" on the first page, you're automatically signed up for a free year of Games for Windows: The Official Magazine with whatever address you entered. It redirects you to SOE's page, but your magazine subscription is already set at that point." But THEN he writes: "Looks like this offer is ending early, taken down in the next few minutes." So it may be done at this point!]