- Hey, good news for those who'd like to check out the latest issue of Game Developer magazine, the U.S.-based trade mag for game professionals that we run when we're not posting on GameSetWatch. The latest, January 2007 issue is now available for free online viewing, since it's our new digital sample issue!

A quick rundown from a Gamasutra story on the issue: "The cover feature for the January 2007 issue is 'Not Your Typical Grind: Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam for Wii' by Toys for Bob's Toby Schadt... The January issue also reveals Game Developer’s 2006 Front Line Awards, as announced in December, which "pays homage to the companies and products that make game development possible"... Another major feature is Chris Hind and Dan Bell's 'Setting The Bar' [about choosing your battles when fixing bugs in games!]"

Anyhow, there's also all the normal and very neat columns from our veteran columnists like Noah Falstein, Steve Theodore, Mick West and Jesse Harlin, and there's an opportunity to subscribe to either the physical or digital versions of the magazine over at the official website.

I won't put too much of a hard sell on you, but there's a lot of unique, practical content in Game Developer that you can't get anywhere else, if you're a developer, student, or wannabe developer - and the digital version comes with searchable access to back issues all the way to 2004, too. Though we like paper! [Oh, and in the immediate future, the February 2007 issue has an exclusive postmortem of Resistance: Fall Of Man by the Insomniac guys in it - yay.]