- Thanks to a cavernously large Fort90 update at some point last week, we were alerted to the existence of Gadget Trial, a Japanese-created PC indie dojin-ish game "that apparently mixes Advance Wars with anime girls."

Originally discovered via SelectButton (which has been getting all kinds of hyper-intelligent whiny fanboy postmodern in a GOOD way of late with Barkley's Shut Up And Jam Gaiden RPG game and a The Wire vs. the game biz rant), Fort90 notes of this particular title: "I know… At least its a bit more original than all the idol simulators that are glutting the doujin market. Anyway, here’s the trailer, which has been described by one person over at Select Button as “surprisingly dark”, whatever that means."

He continues: "Anyway, for those that are interested by such a premise, an English patch was recently released." There's also a handy FAQ on that page which explains: "Gadget Trial is a turn-based military strategy game by Studio Kogado's Team Kumasan... Gadget Trial is suitable for all ages and contains nothing that couldn't be shown on saturday morning TV."