- The Escapist has just posted some neat new articles, and one of them is named 'Shark Bone or Shark Oil?', and sees Bonnie Ruberg profiling Game Developer magazine design columnist and long-time design veteran Noah Falstein.

In particular, Ruberg notes Falstein's "...recent alliance with Quixit, a shiny new company out to save our minds, represents a unique synthesis of neurological research and game design that combines verified scientific process with the growth and support potential of an online community - and then makes it fun." In other words, it's all about the mental exercise, Brain Training stylee.

It's explained: "Quixit, which was born when CEO Sheryle Bolton acquired licenses to the France-based Happy Neuron brain game panoply, approaches [patient motivation to learn] bidirectionally: from one angle using Falstein's design expertise to refine the research-based Happy Neuron games for an entertainment aesthetic, and from another angle creating an online community where hundreds of thousands of potential users can share experiences, engage in friendly competition and, very importantly for primary health practitioners who may only see their patients once or twice a year, track and monitor individual progress." Intriguing article, and an interesting company, to boot.